Quick Pick Up

No one likes queues... so we created Quick Pick Up - a way for customers to order items, pay, and get notified when their order is ready to pick up from a dedicated collection point without needing to wait in a queue.

Bypass the queue and grab your order
when it's ready!

With Quick Pick Up, your customers can order ahead and pay from wherever they are without needing to queue. This means staff can focus on fulfilling orders and in turn can get orders out much quicker. Your customers are notified when their food or drinks are ready and can simply grab from the collection point and go!

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Why offer Quick PickUp:

Significantly increase the number of customers your staff are able to serve during busy times. By giving customers the ability to place and pay for orders themselves, there is less room for error and no need for customers to stand in a queue. With Quick Pick Up it’s a win-win for improving convenience for staff and customers!

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What kind of business is Quick PickUp designed for?

Quick Pick Up can work in any hospitality setting but is particularly well adapted for businesses that get busy and require customers to queue in order to get served. Large events and music festivals benefit well from Quick Pick Up with queues to the bar often known to take anything from 10-40+ minutes! This service allows customers to order without missing the entertainment and then quickly grab their order as soon as it is ready.
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How does the platform work for merchants?

Through the Yoello Merchant Dashboard, you can easily turn your Quick PickUp service on/off. The Quick Pickup feature will appear on the venue’s front page where customers can choose which order type they would like.

When the service is toggled on, Merchants need to Scroll down to Collection Points and click "Add New Collection Point". The merchant should then enter Collection Point Name and Max Number of Orders. Then Click "Update Pickup Now Settings" and now the feature should be enabled!

The Quick Pickup feature allows you to let customers collect their order throughout your service, by enabling this on your POS you have more control with collection points.

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